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Meet Modern Challenges of Packaging

Our experts push the limits of innovation to help solve modern packaging challenges:

  • Unmatched global portfolio: Bostik complements conventional technologies with specialized adhesives unique to the market.
  • Custom and joint development: we specialize in leveraging collaboration for innovation with a proven track record of successful joint developments.
  • Adhesives that do more: our products offer more than a simple bond with extensive value-added functionalities.
  • Value chain partnerships: we develop strong partnerships with equipment manufacturers and co-suppliers for complete solutions.
  • Added-value brought to brand owners: Bostik understands that unique challenges require a unique approach. We have the products and expertise to address today’s most pressing concerns.

Sustainable Advanced Packaging

Bostik is focused on enabling a circular economy by improving end-of-life solutions for disposable goods. We design products to help our customers develop ever-better sustainable packaging.

We strives to ensure that our global solutions are:

  • Sustainably sourced
  • Minimize environmental impact (LCA for eco-design)
  • Designed for the best of end-of-life disposal

We also support our mother company Arkema’s commitments on UN sustainable development goals

Learn more on how we contribute to sustainable packaging.

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