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The absorbent hygiene market continues to evolve as consumer culture and expectations change. That may be why it is sometimes said that culture shapes consumer needs, and those needs drive trends.

Over time, these shifts help to shape product designs, manufacturing practices, and performance. As a result, the adhesives used in baby care, adult incontinence, and period care articles are advancing as well. 

At the heart of each trend is one or more of five basic consumer needs: 

  1. Confidence
  2. Comfort
  3. Consistency
  4. Cost
  5. Convenience

One can easily see how the absorbent hygiene industry’s innovations and trends seek to fulfil these five Cs. 
Confidence: Consumers want to be secure in the performance of their products. In items for adult incontinence, they also look for products to be discreet. This has led to thinner, more absorbent cores and articles that are quieter and have minimal odour.  Confidence regarding substances of interest (SOI), consumer health, and the environment, on the other hand, drives trends such as sustainability and third-party labels including eco-labels.

For additional information on Confidence, listen to Episode 4 of our ‘Attached to Hygiene’ podcast.

Comfort: Users expect the items they purchase to be comfortable to wear. They seek products that will deliver softness and the feeling of being dry. Design examples include softer topsheets and core innovations. They also look for comfortable fit as they—or their babies—move throughout the day.

For additional information on Comfort, listen to Episode 3 of our ‘Attached to Hygiene’ podcast.

Consistency: Consumers expect products that perform every time. They choose brands and product styles knowing what their anticipated needs are. For example, a person who menstruates will select an absorbent pad that will deliver the right level of protection based on menstrual phase, and that fits their underwear. One way manufacturers help ensure consistent quality and performance is through the use of product audits.

For additional information on Consistency, listen to Episode 5 of our ‘Attached to Hygiene’ podcast.

Cost: In order to offer consumers products at a lower or more affordable price, producers need to also keep their own costs down. This influences trends in operational efficiencies, production optimisation, digitisation, and waste reduction. Input from experts with a global perspective can be extremely valuable.

For additional information on Cost, listen to Episode 7 of our ‘Attached to Hygiene’ podcast.

Convenience: Consumers seek ease of purchase, use and disposal. Examples include diaper styles that are easier to change on active babies or products that incorporate a wetness indicator to let you know when they require changing, or pads that attach and remove easily from the underwear. 

For additional information on Convenience, listen to Episode 6 of our ‘Attached to Hygiene’ podcast.

The Role of Adhesives in Enabling Today’s Leading Trends

Our experts at Bostik stay informed about absorbent hygiene developments from around the world. How will they affect our customers? What advantages do our adhesives provide to meet changing demands from your consumers? Which changes are specific to one area, and which are likely to bridge the gap into other regions, or other areas of absorbent hygiene? 

We are also glad to share what we learn with you. For example:

Partners in Innovation

The next wave of absorbent hygiene innovations may be better addressed through developing partnerships. Diaper, adult incontinence, and period care producers—and their suppliers—each have valuable insights. Share your challenges. Urge partners to collaborate. The best suppliers will be a step ahead and ready with ideas to keep your business moving forward. Through partnerships such as these, we help enable innovation, performance, and ongoing satisfaction for consumers today and tomorrow. 


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